31 Days of Halloween: As Above, So Below


As Above So Below by Lisa Lunney

Deep in the shadows

Of what we harvest

We see

Death laid bare

Lands once rich

Stripped of their shine

Greenery is long gone

The great fields stretch barren

Another season has died

The world has continued to push forward

If the season is for the dead

Why does the world carry on?

What is it that keeps us moving forward after life surely seems done?

Thoughts of little importance.

Only in the things grasped.

Have you ever asked what comes to us at the last?

When the future arrives and dances with the past?

The gathering of things once forgotten

As above

So below

Is this true?

Of the time we wished we still had?

In the shadow of harvest

Life and death are laid bare

Hand in hand they walk

Delighted with the world they share

For one night

All is one

Creatures dark and bright

Walk amongst

Both the pure and the jaded

For just this night

As above

So below



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