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  • Poetry: Darkness

    Darkness I bear my darkness Always enduring with the aid of my inner light We learn to coexist To balance our joys and defeats To pride in our accomplishments To despair in our disappointments Both halves Equal Components of the fabric of my soul Without one The other loses meaning

  • Poetry: Our Spirit Is Invincible

    Poetry: Our Spirit Is Invincible

    Our Spirit Is Invincible When we lose someone we love That love is never lost That love is recycled Love can never be destroyed We are the greater sum of our parts. The memories we shared. The love we professed. It is always there. There is a part of you greater than the sum of…

  • Poetry: Cast Out Among The Stars

    Poetry: Cast Out Among The Stars

    I exist amongst the ether Cast out among the stars Perpetually homesick For a place that no longer exists Wishing to fall back into the person I once was I still exist I swim out of gravity Lost and looking to be anchored To find my way home amidst the void To sort through the…

  • 31 Days of Halloween: The End of Summer

    Media has exploited the celebrations of Samhain and taken us far away from its roots. There is no Lord of the Dead nor any deity ruling over Halloween. Samhain (pronounced sow-in) translates to End of Summer. Not quite as exciting huh? It is quite shocking how many major motion pictures and television shows have completely…

  • 31 Days of Halloween: Poetry – Autumn

    31 Days of Halloween: Poetry – Autumn

    Autumn By Lisa Lunney Visions of fall foliage Fulfill the soul Metaphorically and visually The contrast of colours Paint the pallet of emptiness Once within A reminder That in order to grow We must let go of what is dead What lingers but no longer serves purpose We grow Life becomes beautiful again Enriched and…