31 Days of Halloween: Poetry Hallowe’en

Hallowe’en by Lisa Lunney

Hallowe’en begins with the ringing of the bells

Celebrations for those long since dead

The ringing bells

Expel those who seek to harm

Candles light the windows

The dancing flames

Ward off the witches and goblins

The brownies and mischievous wisps

The candles glow red

Burning ‘til midnight

Keeping evil influences at bay

The streets are filled

Row on row

They walk with torches of straw

Lighting souls through purgatory

Those who linger between heaven and hell

Summers end

Connects us to the next world

The veil

So thin

You can feel a breath

From a love long since dead


The candles are lit

The hearthstones are swept

We welcome and rejoice

The return of our beloved dead



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